Posted by: Dave | December 2, 2010

The New Obama Doctrine to Protect our Secrets

              The Obama Administration missed an opportunity prevent our state secrets from being splashed all over the world in WIkileaks, but also to make a bold statement that this behavior that will not be tolerated in the future.

              Julian Assuange advertised that he had a treasure trove of state secrets and that he was going to release them to the world on November 28th.

              So we watched, while the world pulled back the covers on our state and defense department pillow talk, and now we are left to deal with the damage.  Only after the information was available to for several days, did someone (presumably the United States) attack and shut down the site. 

             A decisive cyber pre-emptive strike would have prevented the release of the documents, and the subsequent red faces over what the world learned about our secret conversations.

              We have the means to do so, and the justification.  Release of classified material is damaging to our national security and reputation.  Our enemies are using new means to attack and discredit us, and we must adapt to their tactics.

                I propose a new doctrine, which could be called the Obama Doctrine, that states that any individual who announces such a release of classified material on the internet will have the full weight of our cyberwarfare capabilities levied against them.

                Take away the ability to announce the release of the material, and the notoriety is lost, as well as the viral spread of our national secrets. No mention of punishment of the individual is required, simply that we will take steps to prevent the release of the material.   The United States does not have to stand by helplessly and watch the skirt get lifted on our secrets.

                The Wikileaks incident is simply another front for what is now referred to as asymmetric warfare, which must be fought on all fronts.



  1. You nailed it Dave

    • thanks for reading, Craig!

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