Posted by: Dave | September 19, 2010

Sarah Palin, Cheerleader for the Home Team

        The common thread in the upset victories in the Republican primaries this season was undoubtedly Sarah Palin.  Ms. Palin endorsed four winning candidates on Tuesday, including Sean Duffy in Wisconsin, Michael Grimm in New York,  Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire, and the most shocking, Christine O’Donnell in Delaware. Her earlier wins include Joe Miller of Alaska, Rand Paul in Kentucky, and Nikki Halley in South Carolina.  

        Ms. Palin’s star power and common person appeal energizes the base unlike any other personality active in the conservative movement.  Her appearance at a pre-game pep rally gets passive fans off the seats and cheering, and for the political base, gets the fence sitters to the polling booth.  

      The challenge for Ms. Palin and the Republican Party is that she has the same effect on the opposing team.  Ms. Palin galvanizes the opposition as well, and her endorsement has the likely effect of motivating what is now a dispirited democratic constituency to turn out in droves against any candidate identified with her or her message.  

      Pollsters had predicted a republican route on November 2nd, and that may still be the case.  But the game still has to be played, and a partial consequence of  Ms. Palin’s efforts are that the Republicans are taking the field with a passionate but inexperienced roster of candidates who may constantly be on the defensive due to rookie mistakes and a mainstream media that clearly supports the other side. No better example of that exists than Ms. Palin, who took a Warren Sapp-like smack down from perky Katy Couric in those now infamous interviews.  

      So now the Republicans are taking the field with a team that, in some cases, has Ms. Palin as head cheerleader.  One can be assured that her image will be prominent in the opposition’s pep rallies, as she gets the visiting team fired up as well.  This  may cause what nobody on the conservative side wants, and that’s an embarrassing loss on Homecoming Day.



  1. I agree, Mo. As you know, I’m no Sarah Palin fan. While I appreciate what energy she has brought to the Right another fear I have is that many of these rookies (whom I support and have urged others to contribute to) will now be beholden to her as a Presidential candidate and set us conservatives up for a defeat we can’t afford, in the 2012 election. Unfortunately, the field appears to be pretty small and hidden. I’ve got my favorites but they rank far behind Palin and the engineer of Bay State Obamacare, Mitt Romney.

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